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Let me introduce myself

I moved to NYC after college to grow in the city’s prominent fashion industry - producing several NYFW shows, events, and PR campaigns.

While in NYC, I recognized the evolution of the industry beginning, and I wanted to be a part of it. No longer were traditional PR efforts enough. The future was online. I shifted my focus to social media - while still keeping my fashion industry learnings in mind. My new goal was to help people and businesses build a digital presence.

Dalton Primeaux

Dalton Primeaux

As a digital publicist, social media strategist, style blogger and lifestyle writer - I take all my key learnings from each industry and use them to help companies tap into their online potential, helping them reach a larger audience, find their voice, and create a brand.

Phone number: +1 (917) 392 8302
E-mail: hello@daltonprimeaux.com

Strengths & Experience


"Dalton is a starry-eyed and stylish fashion newcomer."


"THE DEFINITITION OF STYLE" @ w42st magazine
"...Being a young transplant in Manhattan, making a career out of what he loves and having as much fun as possible doing so."


"FIRST JOB HUNT" @ the houma times
"Primeaux did everything right, from Goulas’ point of view. He started early [and] he pursued a job that he was passionate about..."


Digital Publicity

Get your product in front of some of the most influential digital tastemakers and their audiences.

Social Media Management

Strengthen your brand's social media presence. Develop a cohesive voice, create engaging content, and develop a smarter strategy.

Content Writing

Whether it be social media content, blogging, or website copywriting - tell your story in an engaging and attention-grabbing way.

Brand Development

Develop a strong presence in the digital space with in-depth brand management and consulting.

Content Creation

Produce engaging and eye-catching imagery for social media channels or website.

User Experience

Create a thoughtful community management and customer service strategy to guarantee customers are happy and engaged.


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